Seeing our children sick is our worst nightmare and not something that any parent wishes to face. My daughter was just 10 days old when she was admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital for severe bronchitis back in 2005. It was a frightening 2 weeks and not something that we would like to face again. The staff at the RCH were fantastic, their level of care, compassion and support was brilliant, and we’re truly grateful for their service to the Victorian community.

Like my daughter, thousands of children are admitted each year for many various reasons, however in the end all receive the same professional level of care and support from the fantastic staff and volunteers.

In some way, many of us have been touched by the care given at the RCH, whether directly or indirectly through extended family and friends. This gives us all an opportunity to give back to those that have helped our loved ones.

Each year we fundraise for the Good Friday Appeal and would now like to ask you to help. From each booking we will donate $10 to the Good Friday Appeal, to be handed to the hospital on Good Friday each year.

As they say, every cent counts, and I’d like to think that’s exactly what our donations each year are doing…helping those in need.